Matrix Conference 2024

Join us for first ever Matrix Conference in September 19 - 22. The four days conference will take place at Mitosis LAB in the vibrant neighbourhood of Berlin-Neukölln, Germany.

What is the Matrix Conference?

In summer 2023, the vibrant Matrix community scrambled together to organise the Matrix Community Summit. Hackers, volunteers and developers working on Matrix could join together at c-base to spend some quality time together and share their work.

The team behind the Community Summit and the Foundation joined forces to build on the success of the former, and extend it to audiences from the public and private sector.

Who attends?

We’re building on the success of the developer-centric Matrix Community Summit to reach new audiences in the public and private sector.

Several organisations that rely on Matrix have already shared their enthusiasm for the conference and will send their teams. Don’t miss your chance to meet prospective partners, customers, or the next company you will work for!

Why attend?

The Matrix Conference is meant to be the place where hackers, volunteers, vendors and consumer organisations meet, share their interests, and start working together.
The Conference is THE place to learn, show, hack, hire and contribute to Matrix projects. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, this is where the ecosystem blends in.